Terms and Conditions


– All Buyers need to select the appropriate delivery mode before check-out.

– Wrong selection of delivery method will delay the parcels being sent to the buyers.

1. Normal Mail:

– Snail-mail will be charged at a fixed rate of S$1.50.

– This is only applicable for order up to 3 items of any Niobe products.

– We will not be liable / responsible for any mail lost during postal transition.

2. Registered Mail:

– Registered mail will be charged at S$3.90.

– This is applicable for order up to 3 items of any Niobe products.

– It is advisable to opt for registered mail as parcel being misplaced / lost will be able to track via reference number.

3. Courier Charge:

– Courier service will be billed at S$5 per trip.

– This is applicable for order of 4 items & above or any quantity.

4. Free Delivery:

– Please select this option for order of 10 items & above.

– Freebies (Subjective Niobe products).

5. International Shipping:

– Please email for more information.



Shipping for all Niobe products will take between 2 to 4 working weeks; as all items are shipped directly from Korea.




We do not accept returns, refunds & exchanges of products sold.




The life-span of Niobe products are 2 ½ years from the date of the manufacturing period; which will be printed at the bottom of every products’ packaging.

Niobe products are manufactured & imported directly from Korea.